Ch.01-Cover - in Chapter 1 - The New Girl


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ErionX ErionX said:

Blooms of Eden takes place in Avenitor, a city in the grips of the Church of the Sacred Mother. This domineering and puritanical religion hates a lot of things, but sexual freedom is near the top of the list. They suspect that the city’s most popular florist, the Blooms of Eden, is selling more than just flowers, and they’re right. It’s an undercover brothel run by Korell Lashets, an enigmatic man with a complicated past.
Eleanor, newly arrived in Avenitor, seeks employment in the Blooms of Eden, and is quickly swept up into a world of mysteries, magic, and political intrigue—to say nothing of the sex (and there’s a lot of sex!)

23rd Apr 2019, 8:46 PM

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